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Appraisals and Sale Assistance

In our 25+ years of philatelic experience, there is very little we havenít either seen or personally handled in our careers. (link to bios) In addition, we directly work and converse with active collectors, experienced professionals and respected experts each and every day. This qualifies us to examine and provide accurate appraisals of the current market value of a philatelic property.

Our fee for appraisals is $100 per hour plus travel time and expenses. If we are contracted to broker the sale then this fee is waived.

You have invested many years and great resources in lovingly forming your collection. In doing so, you have acquired significant knowledge, and you are to be commended for it. But while you are now an expert at buying, you may be less experienced at selling, and you may not know some of the things that experienced professionals do. For example, if you opt for auction, how can you negotiate a more favorable commission? Are there collectors who would be interested in purchasing your collection intact, allowing it to be preserved and for you to be paid now rather than having to wait for an auction to transpire? Are there auction houses that you donít know that will achieve a better price than the ones you do know?

We have placed collections in various places and with various auction houses all over the world that the sellers, some who formed the collection and some who inherited the collection from a relative or neighbor, did not know were available to them.  

References from satisfied individuals who have received appraisals and assistance
with the sale of their philatelic property are available upon request. We encourage you
to ask for them.